All I Could Find Was You

by Dowsing

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    We're a band from Chicago. This is our first release. Feel free to download for free, or any amount you would like to donate. Enjoy.

    1. Driving
    2. Amateur Cartography
    3. Dinos
    4. ...And That's Why You Always Leave a Note!
    5. Maxwell
    6. Joking/Laughing

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released May 3, 2011

Vocals/Guitar: Erik Czaja
Bass/Backing Vocals: Gooey Fame
Organ: Delia Hornik
Drums/Backing Vocals: Marcus Nuccio

Additional Vocals by Nick Schmidt

Recorded by Chris French on February 18th & 19th 2011 in Mark's Basement in Rockford, IL

Mastered by Kris DiBenedetto at Summercamp in Chicago, IL



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Dowsing Chicago, Illinois

We're a band from Chicago, IL.


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Track Name: Driving
if it takes hours then that means miles and that's longer than i want to spend with you at least put the windows down i'll try to fall asleep. this musics boring can't we find a happy medium put &serenading on and turn the speakers up. wish on stars that you can't see through this fog one more state and i swear i'll be gone. when does the sun rise? eight more hours? that's not even close. i'm taking shifts switching lanes just to keep up. no signs of life until the sun penetrates through windshield vapors touch the glass and disintegrate.
Track Name: Amateur Cartography
we'll lay the maps like tiles on the floor rest our bodies where we want to explore maybe peru just me and you shouting from the top of the andes or just watch the raritan overflow. across the border into canada rock out with john k. in winnipeg or maybe take the train to montreal or just watch the sun fall down in our backyard. getting wasted with our friends in a basement with some bands that we don't even know from tennesse with a backpack full of beer i just want to be here with all of you.
Track Name: Dinos
is that an earthquake in a brown paperbag concealing a loneliness that will pass? talking numbers and telling drunken jokes and in the morning forget that we spoke. giving titles and taking them back are there friends who communicate like that? coding words and mixing signals lusting human contact. fall sets in cutoffs and cardigans meet inside the next bands about to begin.
Track Name: ...And That's Why You Always Leave A Note!
take the door off its hinges find the nails behind the clock run around the house until everyone wakes up. the thermostat is on so turn the dial off wearing layers inside waiting for summer months.
Track Name: Maxwell
maxwell standard grade capture every frame in moving motion picture collecting dust on the shelf remembering is nothing if you don't have the proof like a first kiss or watching movies on the apocalypse. no more living in the past it will be hard but well try our best. oh to feel the way it felt back then would be impossible.
Track Name: Joking/Laughing
i came here to say i miss you and want to kiss you right where you stand. and i want to hold you until the blankets fall off the bed. and i thought that you were joking when you said that this was the end and i thought i heard you laughing when you said that this was the end. i came here with the courage of a thousand tiny birds but you shot me down with all your lying deceitful words.