I Don't Even Care Anymore

by Dowsing

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Stephen Darby
Stephen Darby thumbnail
Stephen Darby Still Dowsing. Pretty good melodies, excellent lyrics and a vocal range that suits them perfectly. Keep at it, you guys. Favorite track: If I Fall Asleep The Cats Will Find Me.
Johnny thumbnail
Johnny They've ripened their succulent sound but kept their self-deprecating openness that made it ring true. Dependably awesome, mellow tunes. Songs meant to reminisce the good and bad times. Jam out to it with your closest friends. Favorite track: Nothing To Give.
Toby Coupe
Toby Coupe thumbnail
Toby Coupe Brilliant combination of twinkly midwest emo vibes with an indie pop sound make this album probably my favourite dowsing album. The bands' sound has matured but still kept the charm of the older material, a must. Favorite track: Everything Works Out.
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released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Dowsing Chicago, Illinois

We're a band from Chicago, IL.


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Track Name: If I Fall Asleep The Cats Will Find Me
Will I make it through you?
I need to and I will.
Track Name: Get Weird
If it’s a matter of preference I prefer your apartment
And the shadows cast on the white walls.
There’s just a lack of commitment and misunderstanding
And the notion that I will never be enough.

And it gets weird sometimes when I say I love you.

Come on don’t leave me hanging on
Don’t leave me.

But it gets weird sometimes when I say I love you
And it gets weird sometimes when I say I love you.

It’s the size of an ocean
It’s fucking terrifying
To be so exposed it feels like I’m drowning.
Track Name: Where're Here To Basketball
Bruising’s easy when you’re clumsy, when you’re drunk it’s even worse
We could childproof the living room but I don’t think that it would help
The carpet’s stained from use, tipped over glasses and leftover food
And when the dishes pile up I’ll do them in the morning.

I never make myself clear yet my intentions keep you near
No wonder you’re confused
By muffled descriptions and my drunken slurs.

Let’s not ruin a good thing, I need a friend not a relationship
Because I’m the worse kind of person always throwing good things away.
You won’t see it but you will someday
When you’re tired of getting old tired of all my friends
I won’t get tired of you.

Let’s move to Seattle I won’t break this promise to you
I hear it rains all year but that’s alright with me.

Because I need a coast to keep me in line.
Track Name: Meant To Shred
I took Western and chased you home
Handed me a letter made me read it before we spoke.
All the reasons you threw at me
Meant to shred my dignity.

I should’ve known
I’d be down on you.
It’s what I’m use to.
Track Name: I Don't Even Care Anymore
I’ve got better things to do then sit around and think of you.
To get to the point of everything before I mix in my feelings
I just need to figure out who I’ve become.
I’m happy at least that’s what I tell myself
It’s day to day but that’s cutting it to close.
Do I want to live my life to its full potential?
Do I want to live my life now that you’re gone?
Yeah, I think so.
I don’t even care anymore.
Track Name: Everything Works Out
You loved the sound of my laughter
How it echoed and filled an entire room
I still taste you in my lungs, this distance, how we’ve grown apart.

If only you could have stayed.
Track Name: No Offense To The Fun
Of course it wasn’t good enough I wasn’t good enough
It’s no surprise when your covered in tattoos that you don’t even like
When the words just stick to the roof of my mouth
I can’t explain it; I can’t explain a goddamn thing.

Because there are certain situations that I don’t want to be a part of and this is one of them
I’ve held my sadness but I’m cracking.
How many times can I say this?
When every two months I’m just another disappointment.

I can’t remember the last good thing that happened to me.
Track Name: Ferret Feelings
On the floor of myopic
We look at all the spines
Between urban architecture and interior design
I would have built a city for you
If we hadn’t run out of time.

I am nothing without you.
When sandpaper skin has done it again
I’ll just become disgusted with how I’ve been.

I’ve just become disgusted with how I’ve been.
Track Name: Still Don't Care
I’ve got twenty things to do none of them involving you.
I’m going on and on about a new year incoherently.
But I bet you never saw this coming, a strength I’ve only just possessed.
Writing songs with emotions and you were never a part of them.
Track Name: Nothing To Give
My head is aching from last night and thoughts of you
Too many artifacts are present and I can’t bare to leave this room.
You left your jacket by the stairs draped on the banister
I glide my hands across its neck and I get chills from the air.

I let you down it’s for the best with a heart like mine I just can’t commit.
I’m always acting never thinking about what I may have found.

Nothing's been the same
And I’ve got nothing to give.

I was lost in notebooks you’d undress with every word.
Before I’d finish a sentence you’d be naked muttering on the floor,
“I’m always drunk and miserable since you came”

Yeah it’s easy to replace, yeah it’s easy
Yeah you’re easy to replace, yeah you’re easy
Yeah I’m easy to replace, yeah I’m easy.
See we’ve easily suppressed all our feelings.