by Dowsing

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released April 29, 2016

Dowsing is:
Erik Hunter Czaja - Vocals/Guitar
Mikey Crotty - Guitar/Vocals
Michael Politowicz - Bass/Vocals
William Lange - Drums/Vocals

All lyrics by Erik Hunter Czaja
Music by Dowsing

Additional Vocals by Patrick Graham on "Wasted On Hate"
Artwork by Hania Bigo

Produced and Engineered by Mike Bardzik April 2015 at Noisy Little Critter Studio in Downingtown, PA
Assisted by Patrick Graham
Mastered by Kim Rosen July 2015 at Knack Mastering

Available on Vinyl from Asian Man Records (US) and Dog Knights Productions (EU/UK)



all rights reserved


Dowsing Chicago, Illinois

We're a band from Chicago, IL.


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Track Name: Wasted On Hate
Punk is dead and all your friends will be soon singlehandedly ousted by the signal boosted youth set to destroy they spewed their venom into our home and won't let go even when they know the truth (well now we know)

They built you up just to tear you down
They divided us

They only think of you when their suppose to
They only think of you when their told to.

This is a witch hunt and now you're part of it get dead pick a side in the narrow lens Lick the wound with your tongue tell the Internet what you've done. Make it hurt and remove the sickness from the few.

Who'd you cite?
What's the source?
Show me proof.
Who brainwashed you?

It's time to wake up and adjust.

You're wasted on hate
You've wasted away.
Track Name: Feeling Better
I’m feeling better but for how long?
I toss and turn get more upset then before
I’m feeling better it’s such a chore
If everything’s so easy tell me when it’s over

I’ve got it bad at least whatever’s left made me an emotional wreck
Now I don’t want to be involved in anything if it amounts to feeling better.

I’m feeling better right now
Track Name: Kept Me Around
It’s hard for me to show how much I care and I suppose
It’s hard on you as well somehow you kept me around and I don’t know how
Just long enough to expire to let someone else down once again
When everyone I hate is coming for me under the circumstances I don’t want to face them.

I thought I found something I could get use to in you

It’s about coming to terms with how unmanaged and absurd I’ve let myself become
Too many lasting impressions I can no longer push aside
To be surrounded by solutions all the answers that I seek
Found in a book that you had written titled it failure with a picture of me

I thought I found something I could get use to in you.
Track Name: Grunge For Life
With accusations so loud you sure don't know what the fuck you're talking about
You blocked out the motivation
And filled everyone up with doubt
You choose your words carefully crafted for yearning ears the ones who listen and the ones you wish will disappear.
It's a shame that we destroyed a community on the false accounts of another human being.
Now we rebuild because they left a movement failed to enact revenge.
Track Name: Dissolve
You’re coming down
From being so spread out
Dissolved into a family
I took too long to understand
And when I did I knew myself
Better than before
Because back then I was so alone and scared
Of what the future had in store
And if I never said it back or set it straight
I wouldn't be the man I am today.

To take the chance
I want the change
To feel the warmth of your rays

I'm coming down.
To say I love you
Track Name: Finally Ghost
No one likes us anymore
Finally Ghost and loving these commitments from beyond the grave
Who wrote our obituary?
They got the information wrong from a source seeking attention wounded from these songs.

We weren’t asking for your approval

So don’t bother coming to the show tonight we wrote ourselves off long before you had your chance to arrive
You’ve never done anything for us so we’ll return the favor to you now
We’ve tuned you out.
Track Name: Born To Soar
Born to soar
I’ve made it through
This open window
If I return will I perch on your sill?
I was saying goodbye for now when it was goodbye for good
I never thought you would believe it and you probably never will

No ones telling me what to do for the first time in a long time

You were born to soar
You will flourish
Even when we’re dead you’ll serve a purpose
You never left me I abandoned you on a sofa in our living room.

Now no ones telling you what to do for the first time in a long time

You’re going on and on and on about it
On and on and on around it
On and on and on in your head
Track Name: I'm Sorry, You're Great
You’ve made it far enough to tell that there is no one else
You lost everyone here who you thought you could trust.

And it caught my eye and I can’t explain what it did to me

Please pardon my behavior I should have spoken up
If it weren’t for the slow crawl and sickening feeling
The less you know the better

But one day you’ll find someone and they’ll let you know that you’re worth every ounce of strength that they can hold
And maybe you’ll forgive and things will work out
I’m sorry I still think your great.
Track Name: Outside
I hope we die like we began in a basement with no one else around
I admit I got caught up in the politics
You were a brother now you’re nothing but a stranger and one of them.

I’m on the outside looking in
I’m on the outside fuck all of this

It’s not easy it’s physically demanding throwing hate like this around is alarming
And where do we stand?
Are we even on the radar?
Does it make you happy?
I’m sure it does.

Will you let them down like you let us down?
I’m sure you will.
Track Name: Red Legs Kicking
Maybe I’ll shut up rip my voice box out and let this die
Everyone is gone and it’s all my fault I couldn’t let this go
It’s been a strange Summer and it’s only going to get worse
Make an example out of me turn your back we won’t speak it’s harder than you’d think

And I tore it up fed it to the wolves and they spit it out
And I can’t complain but nothing ever seems to stay the same

I won’t

To ruin years in a matter of moments
Who knew how much pain could be attached to a name?
I don’t blame you for feeling so unsure of me
This is me making sure that we’re okay.